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Job Title:  Recovery Coach in the Emergency Department (RCED)

Type: Per Diem/Part Time

Location: Morrisville, VT

Benefits:  Health, Vision and Dental Insurance (RCEDs working 2 or more regularly scheduled shifts per week), Paid Training  


The Recovery Coach in the Emergency Department (RCED) is part of a team of Recovery Coaches employed by North Central Vermont Recovery Center (NCVRC) providing direct peer recovery support services to patients at Copley Hospital who have experienced an adverse substance-use-related event.  This program operates 24/7 with team members covering 12-hour on-call shifts. Each 12-hour shift may include interaction with individuals, patient family members, and hospital staff in an Emergency Department setting, performing follow-up calls to recent program participants, and staffing at the Recovery Center when applicable.  Recovery Coaches performing work outside of regular shift coverage will be compensated at an hourly rate.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide direct services to individuals receiving treatment at Copley Hospital following an adverse substance-use-related event 

  • Able to work a shift schedule, maintaining adequate response time to Copley Hospital (within 45 minutes) when notified of a patient requiring RCED services.   

  • Provide education on harm-reduction, overdose awareness, and on obtaining Naloxone where appropriate

  • Provide support and resource information to family members, as necessary and appropriate.

  • Enhance opportunities for individuals to become familiar with North Central Vermont Recovery Center and other local community resources available

  • Assist individuals to identify and develop natural community supports to foster independence and community integration

  • Document program participant visits and surveys through paper and electronic surveys and forms

  • Responsible for records management in our online data platform

  • Perform follow up calls to individuals who recently received RCED services

  • Promotes the RCED program and other support services offered at North Central Vermont Recovery Center with local community partners

  • Maintains collaborative relationships with local treatment teams and in-patient treatment facilities in Vermont to assist program participants with treatment needs

  • Model and exemplify recovery principles in order to show by example that recovery is possible and attainable, and utilize personal and professional experience to promote wellness and recovery

  • Abide by HIPAA, 42 CFR, and any additional regulations set forth by North Central Vermont Recovery Center and Copley Hospital 

  • Other duties as assigned



  • A self-identified person in recovery from a substance use disorder, who meets the requirement of 2 years of continuous SUD recovery, or who can otherwise demonstrate stability in their recovery

  • Trained Recovery Coach, or ability to attend Vermont’s Recovery Coach Academy

  • Experience with or educational background related to recovery concepts and practices of recovery that honor any pathway to recovery

  • Organized, self-motivated, creative, and committed to working in a diverse environment

  • Excellent written and oral communication

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and comfortable with working with all levels of professionals.

  • Experience with presenting both formal and informal presentations

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, as well as working with various data platforms  

  • Preferred Recovery Center experience/affiliation

  • Understanding of the Substance Use Disorder process, available treatment programs, healthcare options, social service systems and medical systems

  • Preferred Advanced motivational interviewing skills

  • Ability to work independently as well as part of a team

  • A Valid Driver’s License and reliable transportation

  • Employees will be required to attend various trainings, paid for by NCVRC

In addition to uploading your Resume and Cover Letter to the form on our Careers page, interested parties should complete the Recovery Coach Application below.  You can send your completed application to

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