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5:30 PM Refuge Recovery: Refuge Recovery is a non-theistic, Buddhist-inspired approach to recovery from addictions of all kinds. We are a community of people dedicated to the practices of mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness, and generosity, using meditation and kindness to heal the pain and suffering that addiction has caused in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Our weekly peer-led meetings include guided meditations, readings from the book Refuge Recovery, and group sharing and discussion. Open to people of all backgrounds and respectful of all recovery paths, these meetings are appropriate for anyone in, or interested in, recovery from any forms of addictive behavior. No prior meditation experience necessary.

7 PM Families Anonymous (FA) (online until further notice): A meeting for individuals concerned about loved ones who are involved in substance abuse related addictive behaviors. Open discussion meeting based on the 12 Steps of Families Anonymous.




10:30 AM Moms in Recovery Support Group: Open discussion for all moms in any stage of recovery! Children welcome, Covid protocols followed (masks and distancing, less than 10 people). Come enjoy an introduction to the program, meet other moms, share strengths and struggles. An opportunity for moms and children to interact in a safe judgment free zone!


6 PM As Bill Sees It (AA): An open meeting about the trials and miracles of alcoholism. The Chairperson reads the daily reading from a book called “As Bill Sees It" and the group opens for discussion on the reading.




12 PM SMART Recovery: SMART (Self Management And Recovery Training) uses a 4-point program; Building and maintaining motivation, Coping with urges, Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors, & Living a balanced life.  SMART Recovery encourages a holistic approach, with the goal being to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Discover the power of choice!

5:30 PM Al-Anon (online until further notice): A place for friends and family members of problem drinkers to share their experiences and learn how to apply the principles of the Al-Anon program to their individual experiences.

7 PM Newcomer's AA: A meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous focusing on the first 3 Steps, sponsorship and slogans.  This meeting frequently has a speaker sharing what it was like, what happened, and how it is now.



4 PM All-Recovery: An open conversation-style meeting welcoming individuals on all pathways to recovery from substances and addictive behaviors. 

7 PM Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

7 PM AA Grapevine at Jenna's House, 117 St. John's Road, Johnson, VT 05656



7 PM Women's Group (AA): A discussion meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous for Women.  

At Jenna's House, 117 St. John's Road, Johnson, VT 05656


8:30 AM AA Step Meeting

10 AM Steps to Food Freedom (OA) (online until further notice)

1 PM Guitar Lessons with Mike.


1 PM SMART Recovery

6 PM Open Discussion AA


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NCVRC IS A SAFE, WELCOMING, SUBSTANCE-FREE SPACE. Please feel free to visit us any time during our open hours, regardless of whether or not there is a meeting or group going on. We welcome you to a judgment-free place to take refuge from your triggers and stress of daily life.  

All of our support and services are provided FREE OF CHARGE
We are open every day of the year

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