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What We Do

North Central Vermont Recovery Center, In Collaboration With Copley Hospital, Connects People with Active Addiction with Recovery Coaches While in Emergency Room.

This collaboration between North Central Vermont Recovery Center (NCVRC) and Copley Hospital is designed to better support people with active addiction to succeed in recovery. Recovery coaches from NCVRC are working with Copley’s clinical staff to connect directly with people while being seen at the hospital. The Recovery Coaches are available to meet with people who have expressed interest in seeking treatment for addiction while they are receiving medical treatment at Copley. Recovering coaching is confidential and available to anyone who is considering or already in recovery. It is also available to family members or loved ones affected by someone else’s substance abuse.


“Copley takes a holistic approach, medically treating the person’s immediate health need, while also working to connect them with a variety of community resources to meet other needs and support them as they navigate through the human services system,” says Michael Brigati, RN and Director of Emergency Services at Copley Hospital. “With this collaboration, our clinicians and social workers can connect a person to an NCVRC Recovery Coach for immediate support and encouragement as they pursue recovery.”


“We know that stopping the use of substances is just the first step of recovery,” says Daniel Franklin, Director of North Central Vermont Recovery Center. “Recovery is about a whole person and their whole life. Recovery is often not a straight path; it can be a winding and difficult journey. And while that journey is different for everyone, there are commonalities to be found,” says Franklin. “That’s why peer-to-peer coaching services are so important. Our coaches are living proof that recovery is possible and that the people they are working with are not alone. The coaches can help each person create their own path to recovery and in recovery, while also helping to identify and remove barriers. This support and this connection can make a tremendous difference.”

The Recovery Coaching Program at Copley Hospital helps address substance misuse in Lamoille County, an issue identified as an important need in the hospital’s 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment. The program at Copley Hospital is an extension of NCVRC’s highly successful in-house Recovery Coaching Program and is possible thanks to a grant to NCVRC from the Vermont Department of Health’s Division of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs.

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