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Recovery Coaches in the Emergency Department at Copley Hospital

Recovery Coaches from NCVRC are working with Copley’s clinical staff to connect directly with people while being seen at the hospital. The Recovery Coaches are available to meet with people who have expressed interest in seeking treatment for addiction while they are receiving medical treatment at Copley. 


“Copley takes a holistic approach, medically treating the person’s immediate health need, while also working to connect them with a variety of community resources to meet other needs and support them as they navigate through the human services system,” says Michael Brigati, RN and Director of Emergency Services at Copley Hospital. “With this collaboration, our clinicians and social workers can connect a person to an NCVRC Recovery Coach for immediate support and encouragement as they pursue recovery.”

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John Sherwood


Liza Ryan

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Holly Baker

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Liam Reynolds


Phil Kirk

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