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Job Title:  Assistant Director

Type: Fulltime

Location: Morrisville, VT

Benefits:  Vision & Dental Insurance, Paid Time Off, Paid Training


The Assistant Director will assist and support the Executive Director and oversee the operations of an established nonprofit organization that supports individuals and family members in recovery from Substance Use Disorder. 

Primary responsibilities:

  • Primary contact for related Human Resources activity; onboarding, separations, policies, procedures

  • Responsible for Employee Records Management from recruitment through the life of employment

  • Maintain records of Recovery Coach Certifications 

  • Ensure ongoing staff development opportunities

  • Assist Executive Director in maintaining and monitoring the organization's budget and financial health to identify need for additional funding resources

  • Design data integrations and data quality framework

  • Submit programming and marketing data reports by assembling, preparing, and analyzing data 

  • Collect and review targeting data on marketing materials and campaigns and adjust methods of delivery and content accordingly

  • Organization of and adherence to DSU/SAMHSA standards for GPRA data collection, submissions, follow-ups, and records retention

  • Ensure Program Leads adhere to grant deliverables

  • Maintain records and compliance to Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) documents between organizations and programs

  • Creates monthly Board reports, providing an overview of monthly activities

  • Inventory: Manage inventory (ordering and tracking consumer use supplies and office supplies)

  • Ensure the cleanliness and safety of the facility is maintained 

  • Contact for Landlord/tenant issues or concerns

  • May step in as acting Director in the case where the Executive Director is incapacitated or suddenly departs the organization for any reason



  • Experience with and/or clear understanding of Substance Use Disorder and the aspects of recovery from it. *If in recovery, 2 years in recovery is preferred

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Experience with nonprofit policies and procedures, operations, marketing and public relations, fundraising, and administration

  • Able to work independently and proactively make decisions

  • Excellent organizational, verbal, and written communication skills

  • Capacity to engage in critical thinking and problem solving

  • Clear, healthy personal/professional boundaries 

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Products

  • Proficient in a variety of database platforms; ability to collect, evaluate and disperse data findings to interested parties

  • A Valid Driver’s License; reliable transportation

Please submit Resume and Cover Letter to Executive Director, Shannon Carchidi at with the title of the position you are applying for in the subject line.

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