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Job Title:  Programs Manager
Type: Full Time
Location: Morrisville, VT

Benefits:  Vision and Dental Insurance, Paid Time Off, Paid Training 

The Programs Manager will assist the organization in developing and maintaining quality, holistic recovery support programming for individuals and families affected by Substance Use Disorder. The Programs Manager ensures an exceptionally welcoming, safe, clean, efficient, supportive, and educational environment at NCVRC for guests, staff, and community partners. Through delegation, training, support, and attention to detail, this person is a part of an outstanding team committed to the highest standards as a peer-support worker at a recovery center.


Primary responsibilities:
● Assist in sustaining and growing the organization by utilizing resources within the organization and in the community
● Supervision of programs and support groups offered at NCVRC to include the recruitment, orientation, scheduling, and providing ongoing training for program staff and volunteers
● Primary contact for NCVRC’s Recovery Coaching Program/s
● Act as a liaison between Copley Hospital and NCVRC’s hospital-specific Recovery Coaching program (nights and/or weekends may apply)
● Responsible for data collection and records management for overseen programs
● Develop referral pathways to and from partner agencies/services for program participants
● Ensure follow-up w/ program participants & facilitate connection w/ additional NCVRC and/or community partner services
● Review services on an ongoing basis and assist with developing new programs as needs emerge
● Act as Liaison to groups/organizations that rent space at NCVRC (ensuring contracts/MOUs are on file and adhered to, rent is paid)
● Regularly engage in community outreach and public education about the Recovery Center
● Creates monthly Board reports, providing an overview of monthly activities
● Ensure participants' confidentiality is protected; maintain locked files, and online data security protocol



● Experience with and/or clear understanding of Substance Use Disorder and the aspects of recovery from it. *If in recovery, 2 years in recovery is required
● Knowledge and understanding of the recovery community needs
● The ability to coordinate and manage multiple projects simultaneously
● Experience in program development
● Excellent interpersonal skills and comfort with working with all levels of professionals and people of all backgrounds
● The ability to present information clearly in both formal and informal settings
● Recovery Coach certification preferred, or training will be provided
● A peer in recovery is preferred
● A passion for non-profit work with this specific population
● Ability to motivate individuals / teams, provide constructive and supportive feedback, and adapt approaches to match various learning styles and abilities
● Organized, self-motivated, creative, detail oriented, reliable, punctual and flexible
● Committed to working in a diverse environment
● Experience with nonprofit policies and procedures, operations, fundraising, and administration.
● Excellent organizational, verbal, and written communication skills
● Team player with leadership abilities, as well as a capacity to engage in critical thinking and problem solving
● Proficient in Microsoft Office Products
● A Valid Driver’s License; reliable transportation

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